Hillcrest Christian Church


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Hillcrest Christian Church


Hillcrest Christian Church


Welcome  欢迎:

Welcome to Hillcrest! We are excited to have you join us. We are a multicultural family, brought together by Jesus Christ, that exists to draw broken people into deep, healthy relationships with God and each other.

欢迎来到丹城山峰基督教会!我们非常高兴您能加入我们。山峰教会是一个多元文化的大家庭,因着耶稣基督我们聚集在一起,旨在帮助人们与上帝, 与自己,以及我们彼此之间建立良好的关系。 

We are a diverse community—some are young, some are old; some speak Chinese, some English; some are new to faith, some long-time Christians, some are searching. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought unity amidst our diversity, making us one family reaching out and building up.


Our desire is that our communities and our world would know and experience the deep love of our God who brings diverse people together. Come join us as we celebrate what God is doing.


Worship Services 主日敬拜: 早晨9点半。有青少年及幼儿节目。

Sunday, 9:30am in Chinese (国语) and English

3000 S Race St, Denver, CO.  80210


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